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Introduction of Environmental Protection Nano Anticorrosive Material
Nano-corrosion materials are made of nano-carbon, polyurethane resin, organic solvents, etc. It is a special process configuration of highly efficient conductive polyurethane coating using advanced electrostatic spraying technology evenly covered in the molding of steel above. The nano-conductive coating has good conductivity and acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance, to protect all the steel core is not corrosion.
Application scope
Widely used in power systems, military equipment, communications base stations and other facilities grounding network of anti-corrosion areas and wireless communications equipment, medical equipment, information processing equipment, aerospace, household appliances and other industries.
Coating resistivity:The inner diameter of Ф6mm, length 50mm container filled with conductive coating, both ends of the implanted copper lead, cured from the container after taking out, with a precision of 0.01Ω resistance meter measured resistance of 0.02Ω, thus calculating the volume resistivity for:
 Where: ρ - volume resistivity at standard temperature;
R - standard temperature gauge length of the sample resistance;
A - the cross-sectional area of ​​the specimen at standard temperature;
L - the gauge length of the specimen at standard temperature.
Steel standard temperature when the volume resistivity of 0.98 × 10-6Ω • m, the domestic soil resistivity of 100 ~ 5000Ω • m. The resistivity of conductive coatings is only one millionth of the soil resistivity. As a metal grounding and soil in the middle layer, environmentally friendly nano-conductive anti-corrosion coating resistivity close to the general metal, excellent electrical conductivity.
Coating corrosion resistance
Corrosion test results of chemical resistance of coatings
Chemical medium
concentration (%)
Temperature ()
Corrosion resistance test time
Test results


above 7
Coating intact, corrosion resistance in line with the test requirements
at room temperature
at room temperature
at room temperature
at room temperature
at room temperature
Conductive anti - corrosion coating operation process
1. Pre-inspection items and requirements:
Wipe the surface of the steel body to remove moisture, sediment, grease and other impurities, the serious corrosion of the steel brush or sand to remove steel surface rust, focus on the removal of steel welding point welding slag to ensure the adhesion of the coating strength.
Polyurethane coatings contain flammable solvents and should be constructed in well-ventilated areas to avoid direct contact with open flames, skin and eyes.
2. Huadian brand of nano-conductive anti-corrosion coating is a polyurethane coating can be diluted, if found too thick paint can be used for organic solvent dilution. After the cost of storage paint separation, should be fully used before mixing.
3. Grounding the steel coating can be used to brush from top to bottom evenly brushing to the overall surface, the construction should wear protective clothing and wear special protective gloves to operate, an uncoated everywhere can be coated at any time, brush available xylene After cleaning and then use the hands of the paint can be wiped with xylene after rinsing with water, paint 3 hours after the brush surface dry, dry 24h.
4. On the coating of the body of steel should be in the 24h after the cover soil or Jiang Zuji and other materials, such as tight schedule, must ensure that the coating drying time in more than 5 hours.
Factory coating processing according to the standard workpiece surface coating process implementation.