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 Zinc bonded Steel Products
Zinc bonded Steel Products are including hot casting zinc bonded steel grounding rod and wire (including coiling products)




**Efficient conductivity performance
Hot casting zinc bonded steel Products’ surface coated with a dense layer of zinc. As the conductivity of zinc is 2.5 times of steel, so with high thickness of the zinc coating layer, the conductive properties of the products have obvious advantages, compared to the same diameter steel or galvanized steel.


**Good anti-corrosion performance
As in the etching ambient, zinc easily generated ZnCl2 • 4Zn (OH) 2, Zn4CO3 (OH) 6 dense covering layer, which blocks the further contact and infiltrating of the external electrolyte solution, thus delaying the process of corrosion of zinc to a great extent. Meanwhile, due to the process, the zinc layer and the steel core are achieved with metallurgy composite, the ordinary ground composite materials’ galvanic effect does not occur. This can be more effectively protecting the base material from outside corrosion.


**Cathodic protection
In the underground environment with a lot of the iron device, because the product surface coating layer of considerable thickness of zinc, in the environmental corrosion process at the expense of zinc anode layer, the hot casting zinc bonded steel Product effectively protected the iron devices, and play cathodic protection.