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Exothermic Welding Materials


Huadian exothermic welding materials is to melt the metal conductor through the high temperature produced by the oxidized metals in the reductive flux during the exothermic reducing reaction. This series of products include exothermic welding moulds, mould Handle clamp, exothermic welding flux and supporting operation Tool kit, which have been successfully developed by Zhejiang Huadian and have passed the tests conducted by some national authoritative testing institutions, such as Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute and China Power Industrial Electrical Equipment Test Center. Some products have been recognized as new products or high-tech products by the state or the province. The company has obtained one national invention patent and the project supported by national innovation fund in 2010. Currently, the company is compiling and declaring the national standard for exothermic welding flux.
***Product performance and features
*Good mechanical performance
Solder joint non-surface joint, there is no residual stress, permanent joints, good tensile strength and other mechanical properties.
*Strong current load capacity
Solder joints and metal conductors are molecular binding. The solder joint current carrying capacity equal to conductor and it have good conductive properties. DC resistivity change close to zero after the welding point.
*Resistant to large repeated current
Solder joints ’melting point is equivalent to the conductor, can withstand repetitive high current (fault) the impact, the joint no fuse phenomenon.
*Strong anti-corrosion capacity
The copper bind and cover with the conductor closely, isolation protection from the joint, and thus greatly enhance the corrosion resistance of the conductor.
*Convenient and safe construction
Without outside energy, professional equipment and professional welding operator, it can be operated safely indoors and outside, short welding time saves construction time.
*Controllable welding temperature
According to the performance characteristics of metallic conductors, the product can achieve different reaction temperatures (up to 3400 ) by adjusting the ratio of the flux, solder joints to ensure a solid and reliable.


***operational illustrations


Exothermic Welding Materials are mainly used in lightning and surge protection, computer network construction, electrical equipment grounding processing, railway, highway, petrochemical projects.